The Movement

Bangalore is truly a fantastic city which has many talented individuals who dream of becoming something in the world of films, theatre, music, advertising, communication, and all else. After gaining real-time exposure and experience working in Media in different cities across the world, a few passionate Bangaloreans have come together to share their knowledge by starting a New Wave Media Movement in Bangalore.

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Why is it a movement?

CENTERSTAGE hopes to provide professional careers in Media to anyone interested, and especially to those who cannot leave Bangalore to pursue their artistic dreams.

In Bangalore, CENTERSTAGE creates opportunities and drives individuals to collaborate and NOT compete, to merge Media techniques and NOT Business Strategies, to give importance to performance and NOT lineage or hierarchy, to talk passionately about films and plays and NOT box office returns, to analyze talent and NOT their anatomies, to make money and NOT work as penniless artists, to act on ideas and NOT pretend, and finally to get Mumbai here and NOT the other way around!

For CENTERSTAGE, Media is about self-change and self-expression. It's our pride that Bangalore deserves this! If you are reading this, then; well, let's just say, welcome to the New Wave Media Movement!

New Waves

New Waves

So far, CENTERSTAGE has produced 2 feature films that are shot on Film Cameras, 6 plays and over 600 trained performers, with numbers fast increasing. The movement’s artistic pool now consists of Film Actors, Theater Performers, Communication Specialists, Film Producers, and Movie Enthusiasts gaining real-time experience in Film Direction, Production, Music, Design, Cinematography, and Editing.

CENTERSTAGE began its movement with FILM ACTING WORKSHOPS, now, a regular feature with many Bangaloreans. The workshop is spread across 10 super rigorous sessions over a month (Saturdays & Sundays) and focuses on important acting tenets, building a character from inception to realization, the pulse of an actor and not to forget some great moments of fun. The point: To bring out the truthful performer in you! The last few sessions of the workshop deals with screen presence where actors will be put in front of the Camera and their performances will be filmed and projected for analysis and discussion.

May 6, 2012, CENTERSTAGE launched THE IMPROV in Bangalore to push the performers towards illimitable domains. THE IMPROV had Actors on stage performing many scenes WITHOUT a SCRIPT and from situations by and from the audience. With performances in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, THE IMPROV is being touted as India’s best new wave comedy outfit.

In addition to this, Centerstage’s production end is CENTERSTAGE STUDIOS which utilizes in-house talent from the acting workshops and offers high quality film production services for television commercials and viral videos from creative conception to delivery. CENTERSTAGE’S production wing CENTERSTAGE STUDIOS specializes in corporate and commercial ad filmmaking for wide projection or viral marketing, music videos, feature films and documentaries.


  • The
  • SaadSaad Khan Filmmaker, Founder & Creative Head

    SAAD KHAN - Filmmaker, Founder & Creative Head


    Accused of being a passion-crazy workaholic, CENTERSTAGE is spearheaded by Saad Khan – proud Bangalorean, engineer, teacher, writer, and filmmaker, who has over 16 produced plays to his credit as a playwright and director. With a Master's degree from the US in Film & Media, Saad has written and directed 3 films, one of which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. Saad's brush with Mumbai came in the rewarding way of being an associate director to Oscar nominated filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker on "Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey". Recently, Saad completed shoot for his feature film titled STATION, an independent urban thriller, produced by Sumit Ghosh. Shot on the fantastic RED MX camera in almost every nook and corner of Bangalore, the film has all CENTERSTAGE actors and is slated for a late 2013 release. Saad only lives, aiming to create professional opportunities in Media for everyone, especially Bangaloreans who wish to leave the city for the same.

    You can also Wikipedia Saad, to know more:

  • NealMaaz Khan Partner, Producer & Business Head

    Maaz Khan - Partner, Producer & Business Head


    Patience, Diligence, Resilience... These traits in Maaz are virtues and if you work with him, you'll want to add a lot more. It will be never ending, but never exhausting. Handling all aspects of CENTERSTAGE, from forming new partnerships to respecting old associations, Maaz makes things happen. He always answers his phone. Always! Meaning he is available. Meaning he will make sure if there is a Media service you need, you will get nothing, but the very best. He pushes everyone in the outfit to excel, to over-achieve and to balance it out by having as much fun as possible. It's simple with Maaz. You want to work in Media, he will make it happen for you, but you won't feel like you are working.